"A universe onto myself. Living black and white in a world of colors."

Expect a lot of bands, tv shows and youtubers here.

Brazilian girl trying to blog in English (sorry for any mistake). I'm too shy even in the internet, but if you want to come and talk, my ask is always open.


When I die play Seananners videos on my freshly buried tomb so that I can continue to laugh at him and his friends playing The Hidden beyond the grave

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AUGUST 23, 1978

"If you believe in this world, then no one has died in vain.
But don't you dare get to the top and not know what to do."
--Julian Casablancas, 11th Dimension, Phrazes For The Young
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Happy Birthday Jules!  23/08/1978 

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Welcome to the family, Peter Capaldi. 

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Happy 24th Birthday, Bo Burnham! ~ August 21, 2014

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"The way Latin@s, xican@s, and chican@s are represented in the media is disgusting. White women and white people are seen in so many different lights, but when you get into talking about a PoC* group you’re automatically grouped into this lump that you may not even fit into. Latin@s come in different shades and colors, some are Black and some are White so to stereotype a massive group of people into a “tan people with big butts, cute Spanish accents and a passion to dance and cook” it’s neglecting parts of our culture as a whole." 

Read the rest of Laura Christine Sinner’s post on CHIFLADA!

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Peter Capaldi a.k.a an actual 5 year old who is trapped inside a 56 years old body
and also sorry not sorry: THE PENGUIN RUN

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A very happy birthday to Bo Burnham (b. August 21st, 1990)!

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